Updating Urogynaecologist sub specialists about the recent advances by organizing periodical Conferences and workshops.

Training the specialists in basics of Female Urology, Urogynaecology and Urodynamics

Standardizing Education and Training.

From 2001 onwards URPSSI has conducted annual conferences, Live Operative Workshops and hands on training sessions in Tamil Nadu, and in other states of India involving International Faculty who have the common goal of improving the quality of life of suffering women in India.

The following International Urogynacology experts have been visiting India repeatedly and participated whole heartedly in all the educational endeavors of URPSSI.

  • Prof. Paul Riss (Austria)
  • Prof. Bobby Lewis Shull (USA)
  • Prof. Ajay Rane (Australia)
  • Prof. Malcolm Ian Frazer (Australia)
  • Dr. George Kaladelfos (Australia)
  • Dr. Ranee Thakar (UK)
  • Dr.Abdul Sultan (UK)
  • Dr. Richard Wasserman (USA)
  • Dr.Ouida Lenaine Westney (USA)
  • Prof. Peter Dwyer (Australia)
  • Dr. Fiona M Lindo (USA)
  • Prof. George Ralph (Austria)
  • The professional fraternity in India is quite large attempting to meet the growing health needs of 6 billion women.

    Each year specialists from all over the country participated in these educational endeavors. Learning and sharing became the rule which automatically shortened the learning curve of the specialists. The benefits cascaded to patients far and wide across India.