Why Urogynaecology ?

The question arises "Why Urogynaecology ?" Why can't a gyanecologist or urologist tackle these prolems ? Anatomically the Urological and Gynaecological organs are closely related,hence gynaecological problems can present with urinary symptoms and vice-versa. As function and dysfunction of Genital and Urinary tract are interrelated, it requires the expertise of both specialities which justifies the necessity for the subspeciality of Urogynaecology.

What are the problems managed by Urogynaecologist ?

Urogynaecology specifically addresses pathologies requiring all kinds of reconstructive pelvic surgeries like pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontenence, faecal incontinence and fistulae arising from difficult labours involving genital, urinary and intestinal tract. It involves management of all dysfunction involving the genital and lower urinary tract and other related conditions.

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